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Which Early Christian Heresy Are You?







This is actually hilarious. Give it a try.

omg why is this quiz so damn wound up about pomegranites

It honestly would take me too damn long to explain all the layers of WHY POMEGRANITES.

Basically, just start googling pomegranates and canaanite religion, pomegranates and symbology within Judaism, pomegranates and symbology in Christianity.

Final Result:


You are Pelagianism!

Named after its most famous proponent, the British monk Pelagius, Pelagianism taught that human nature is not compromised by original sin and that the will is therefore capable of choosing to follow the moral good without God’s aid. Pelagius’s fiercest opponent was St Augustine of Hippo, whose writings insisted upon the reality of original sin and the need for divine grace to perform any good works. Augustine’s position won out over that of Pelagius, and Pelagianism was condemned as a heresy by the Council of Carthage in 418, a decision that was confirmed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. Despite this apparent victory for Augustinianism, the precise relationship between grace and free will remained controversial, and a variety of “semi-Pelagian” positions were taught throughout the fifth and early sixth centuries.
This was a very entertaining quiz.
Final Result:


You are Antinomianism!

Antinomianism teaches that, since salvation is by faith alone, Christians are under no obligation to obey any moral law. Views of this sort were held by various Gnostic sects in the early centuries of the church, who argued that laws governing human behaviour were of no account since the inward spiritual essence of the human person could never be affected by the actions of the physical body. The term “antinomianism” itself, however, only arose in the aftermath of the continental Reformation, in which some of the more extreme followers of Luther understood the new emphasis on salvation through faith to invalidate the validity of any standard of moral law. Although Luther himself condemned this belief as a heresy, bitter antinomian controversies continued to spring up within Lutheranism and within English Puritanism throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The doctrine is condemned in the Lutheran Book of Concord and in the Decree on Justification of the Council of Trent.

ozymandias271 it has a squid question!



An Israeli academic has claimed that raping wives and mothers of Palestinian Hamas militants is the only thing that could deter further terrorist attacks.

The remarks by renowned Middle East scholar Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University were made three weeks ago after the grim discovery of the bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, but the recording was published online (in Hebrew) on Monday.

"The only thing that could deter a suicide bomber is knowing that if caught, his sister or his mother would be raped," said Kedar on Israel Radio Bet.

"It sounds very bad, but that’s the Middle East," he continued. "You have to understand the culture in which we live. The only thing that deters [Hamas leaders] is a threat to the connection between their heads and their shoulders."

To the shocked radio presenter who said that “we cannot take such steps, of course”, Kedar replied:

"I’m not talking about what we should or shouldn’t do. I’m talking about the facts. The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped. That’s all. That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, in order to preserve his sister’s honor."

Kedar served for 25 years in the military intelligence, where he specialised in Islamic groups. He is currently a researcher at the right-wing Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies of Bar Ilan but previously worked for a shadowy organisation, the Israel Academia Monitor, which fights left-leaning academic professors.

(Full article at International Business Times.)

At which point do you say ‘enough is enough’ and speak out against your hard earned tax dollars being sent to/your leaders supporting this country?

Ethnic cleansing, targeting civilians, ambulances, hospitals, harvesting organs of dead Palestinians without consent, forced sterilisation of Ethiopians, land grab, apartheid wall, illegal settlements, and now incitement to rape - is it time to wake up, world?


(Source: standwithpalestine)

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